Day 1 – Subject: Today Kicks Off our Joe Corbi Fundraiser.

Today kicks off our Joe Corbi Fundraiser. Each student today will be bring home their Joe Corbi brochure and order taker. You will also receive a parent letter that details all the important information about this fundraiser. Working together as a group to make this fundraiser a success is important so we can raise money for (what you are raising money for). If each family purchased just (number) items we would reach our goal. Thank you for your support with this fundraiser.

Day 2 – Subject: Have you received your Joe Corbi Fundraising Brochure?

Yesterday, we sent home our fundraising information. We have partnered with Joe Corbi Fundraising to bring you this delicious fundraiser. Inside your catalog are our famous 3 pack pizza kits, boxes of Mrs. Fields frozen cookie dough pucks, and our variety of snacks and desserts. Help out our group so we can reach our goal!

Day 3 – Subject: Ask Family and Friends to help!

Have you seen all of the yummy items in the brochure? Ask family, friends and neighbors if they would like to order some items to help support our group. With over 20 years in fundraising there are so many people that would love to order from this iconic pizza company. Let’s all work together to support our group.
SPECIAL REQUEST: We’re trying to raise ($goal) to (what you’re raising money for) and we need your help. Can you please cut and paste the following message and email your friends and family to ask for their support?
Cut and paste below:
(Your Child’s name) is involved with (group name) and they are trying to raise money for (what you’re raising money for). We are selling great food items from the Joe Corbi’s (insert brochure name here). Below is a link to that catalog. Please flip through and order to help us. I’m placing an order for myself in the next couple days, so please email back to let me know what you want, and I’ll add your order to mine and pick it up with my purchase.

(Insert link to or attach brochure)

Day 4 – Subject: Taking your pizza kit to the next level.

There is still time to order from our Joe Corbi’s fundraiser. We are raising money for (group goal). If each family orders just (number) items we will reach our goal. There are so many delicious items to choose from. Check us out on Facebook by searching for Joe Corbi’s Fundraising. You will find great information about groups that are fundraising with us and also fun ways to use your pizza kits and frozen cookie dough. … and then please “share” with your friends to spread the word.

Day 5 – Subject: Remember Joe Corbi’s??

Do you remember Joe Corbi’s pizza kits from your childhood? Maybe you had some favorites?? Back by popular demand is the original recipe of Chee Zee Bread. Taste the authentic garlic and cheese spread made with 100% whole milk mozzarella. You can even add your favorite spices to create your favorite flavor. Also back are 2 amazing calzones. The Philly Cheesesteak and the Pepperoni & Cheese. Delicious!!! Purchasing items from our Joe Corbi’s fundraiser will help us raise money for our group.

Day 6 – Subject: The 4 W’s on the reason you should participate in this fundraiser.

● WHO put this fundraiser together? (Your organization name) has partnered with Joe Corbi’s Fundraising to provide a pizza catalog that offers a variety of prepared and build your own food for purchase. This pizza event is a big part of their fundraising efforts this year.
● WHAT is the purpose of this Fundraiser? To provide good quality food for a fundraiser. Every single item in this catalog gives at least $5.00 back to your organization. Try one item! Try them all! Just get involved.
● WHY is (Your group name) having this fundraiser?
We are looking to raise ($goal) for (What the money will be used for). Every item ordered will help us reach that goal. These products are frozen and you won’t be disappointed.
• WHERE can I order? Use the order form in the center of your catalog to order. It’s a great way for you to support your organization. Once your order is placed, someone will contact you with the pickup date and time.

Day 7 – Subject: Just 3 days left to support our Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser.

If you haven’t ordered yet, please take a few minutes and browse the brochure and place your order TODAY!
(Link to or attach current brochure)

Day 8 – Subject: Just 2 days left until the end of our Joe Corbi’s fundraiser.

It’s not too late! Just 2 days left to place an order with our Joe Corbi fundraiser. Remember to ask family, friends, and neighbors to purchase their favorite items so they can support our group. There are pizza kits, frozen cookie dough, pies, cheesecakes and snacks. Each item you sell puts money to our ($goal). Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!

Day 9 – Subject: Last day to turn in orders for our Joe Corbi’s fundraiser.

Today is the last day to place an order with our Joe Corbi’s fundraiser. Complete the order envelope and turn it in to our group by tomorrow. Purchasing items from our fundraiser you will help us reach our ($goal). Working together we can reach our goal. Please return your order envelope by tomorrow. Thank you for your support!

Day 10 – Subject: Thank you for your support!

Thank you to everyone who supported us by selling items for our Joe Corbi fundraiser. We will reach back out shortly with delivery and pickup information. Thank you!!