The Story

Joe Corbi’s is one of the leading fundraising companies in the country. The company was founded in Columbia, MD in 1983. Joe Corbi got his start in the pizza business in 1958, at the age of 14. He worked for his father at the Baltimore Pizza Crust Company, which produced and distributed pizza crusts to food outlets throughout the state of Maryland until in 1981 he left the company to Start Joe Corbi’s.  joe corbis pepperoni pizza, pizza kit fundraising, fundraiser

Joe surrounded himself with the best talent available, including a food technologist, to perfect his craft. Hundreds of hours of research went into perfecting the unique pizza recipes that define the Joe Corbi’s difference and then in 1983 Joe Corbi’s Wholesale Pizza, Inc. was founded.

Joe Corbi started the business by simply manufacturing pizza crust and selling them to local markets, pubs, VFW’s and out of our storefront. Our original building was roughly 2,400 square feet of bakery, processing, office and storefront. Our customer base would purchase our crust and then we would resell Don Pepino Pizza Sauce and Diced 80/10/10 (Mozzarella, Provolone and Cheddar) cheese to our customers in the beginning.

That concept then evolved into a pizza kit in a box that contained 3-12″ pizza crust, one can of pizza sauce and one bag of 18oz cheese. Then right around 1988 one of Joe Corbi’s customers approached him about selling the product as a fundraiser..the rest is history.

What makes Joe Corbi’s different

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  1. Our Service! In a survey conducted by an independent marketing firm our customers rated our service highest on the list of reasons why they do business with Joe Corbi’s. Our date and time specific delivery service stands out in the fundraising industry. This is backed up with a 100% product guarantee with each customer who purchases a Joe Corbi’s product.
  2. Our Product! Joe Corbi’s pizza crust stands out in the crowd. By manufacturing our own Honeycomb crust and having the highest quality standards our product is tops in the marketplace. In addition to our crust we use the highest quality 100% Real Cheese Blend w/ mozzarella, provolone and cheddar cheese. We slice our pepperoni fresh from stick form daily, and we make our own sauce in small micro batches in our kettle room.
  3. Our Reputation! Ask anyone who has ever run a Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser or who have consumed our products. We have an impeccable reputation in the fundraising industry and beyond. Our customers and consumers will relay a positive customer service and product experience.
  4. Our People! Joe Corbi’s has a wonderful extended family of employees. Each of our 260 people that work for Joe Corbi’s cares about this company. This is evident in everything that we do.