Below are some easy steps for you to follow to make sure we meet your delivery expectations:

  • Work with your sales representative to determine the date your order must be given to Joe Corbi’s.
  • Delivery of your food will occur only if your sale consists of 60 or more items.
  • Your order must be placed by noon on Friday of that week. Orders placed after noon on that Friday will start counting 14 days from the next Friday.
  • From that Friday count out 14 days. The 14th day will be the last possible day the order can be delivered.
  • Within 5 business days after you place your order you will receive a call from our traffic or transportation department. They will work with you to find a good day and time for your delivery.
  • If your driver is over 15 minutes early, he will wait until you are ready to take the delivery. The driver can arrive 15 minutes before the delivery time or 15 minutes after delivery and not be considered late.
  • If the driver is delayed he will inform our transportation department and they will contact with an update.
  • You will pay the driver with a check made out to “Fundraising Manager” before the food is unloaded.
  • Wall Tags are available that can be placed around the room in the order that the items appear on your order sheet.
  • When the driver brings your items into the room you will place the correct items under the correct wall tag. Any box that is taped shut is a full case of whatever item is listed on the label. Empty all boxes that are not taped shut and place those items under the correct wall tag.
  • You and the driver together will count the product totals and check them off the inventory sheet. If any items are missing you will mark them on the inventory sheet. If you choose not to count your items with our driver you have forfeited the right to get missing items replaced by Joe Corbi’s.
  • Pull your orders for each seller by using your order envelopes. Place those pulled orders in the double check area.
  • When the order is picked up by the seller the double check person and the seller will count each item vs the order envelope to make sure the correct product is leaving the building.
  • Once the seller confirms the order they will sign the envelope. The sponsor will need to keep the envelopes.
  • The seller will use the order sheet they kept to distribute the orders to their customers.

Once you submit your order, you can expect your delivery within 14 days after the Friday noon deadline for that week you submitted.

Within 5 days after you place your order you will receive a call from our transportation department. They will work with you to find a good day and time for your delivery.

If you ordered at least 60+ items your delivery will be scheduled. For orders less than 60 items, you will need to pick up.