How do you take your favorite Joe Corbi’s Chee-zee Bread and make it ready for Independence Day? Stars. Stripes. And Everything American! For those of you who are super creative, make a Bald Eagle pepperoni design on it and maybe even Uncle Sam will stop by!  Just kidding, we can’t promise that! But we can promise you an incredible snack for you and your guests on the MOST American Day of the year!!

Check out the steps below on how one of our Corbi’s Family members spiced up their Chee-Zee bread for the holiday! Take your chee-zee bread out of the wrapper and place it on your baking sheet. Take your pepperoni and cut it into stars with a cookie cutter or your kitchen sheers. Place it on top of your chee-zee bread. Bake for 6-8 minutes if thawed or 8-10 minutes if frozen. Cut and enjoy!  BOOM!

Just like that you’ve taken your favorite snack and made it ready for the 4th! Everybody loves Chee-Zee bread, but with this new twist for the holiday, you’ll have the best dish at the party!