I would like to express my sincere gratitude for a job well done to all who had a hand in making Hampton Christian Academy’s freshmen class Joe Corbi/Mrs. Field’s Cookies fund raiser a great success. It has been 15 years since I have purchased these products because my nieces & nephews are grown, and I have never used it as a fund raiser before. As sponsor of class 2021, we will be doing this again each spring.

From the day I made the call to set it up, to the day the kind gentle man delivered it, it was an easy experience and very profitable. Everyone I spoke to was kind and very helpful. The emails, reminders, and invoices were great sources, and the lady taking my order was quite patient with me as I had missed an item. The delivery man was so kind & friendly to my students as they assisted him. It went so quick. The order was accurate and the customers were pleased. Many have asked us to do it again.

Our school has many fund raisers in the fall, but we will definitely be repeat customers in the spring.

Again, tank you so much.


Bonnie, from a school in Virginia