Joe Corbi’s Profit Structure

Your organization will receive the profits immediately at the point of sale. Determining your profit is easy, simply multiply the total number of items sold by amount listed in the profit level achieved.


What is our dollar goal? (How much money do we need to raise?)

Our purpose (How will we use the money raised)?

How will we motivate our Sellers so more participate in this sale? (Click here to see our low cost/no cost seller incentive ideas)

What is our desired delivery week for this sale? Week of:

When do we need to submit our order to Joe Corbi’s?

Submit Date:
(At least 2 weeks prior to our desired delivery week; Submit order by 12pm the Friday after
above date, and then count 2 weeks to estimate the week when your order will deliver) Please note:
Any additional order(s) received AFTER you submit your final order will be considered a new order
and is subject to minimum shipping qty and profits.

When do all Sellers/Parents need to send in their orders to us? “Cut-Off” Date:
(About 3 to 4 days before above Submit Date)
What is the start date of this sale? Date:
(The start date is when you first introduce or “Kick-Off” the fundraiser to the Sellers/Parents;
it should be approximately 2 – 3 weeks prior to the “Cut-Off” date above)
What are the scheduled “Kick-Off” (Assembly) details?



Duration: minutes

(Are you a school? Make sure to coordinate your assembly with the school and principal)
Do we need our Joe Corbi’s representative to assist us in planning this event? YES NO


What is the best way to communicate with Everyone?

(Texts, Emails, Backpack Flyer, Website, Facebook and other social media, etc.)