Facebook Posts

Using Facebook and other Social Media outlets to spread the word will dramatically improve the results of your fundraiser.

It is important to share a Participant Code to make sure your group gets the profit for all orders placed.

If you don’t already have a Participant Code - click here 
Participants can easily share their personalized codes in a link by going to their personal Participant Dashboard

To create your own Facebook Post (in 2 Steps)

Step #1: Copy and Personalize (the BOLD info) in this message: 


YOUR GROUP NAME is having a Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser!

We will earn a portion of every order placed through YOUR SALE END DATE

Just go to joecorbi.com and click "SHOP" -- don’t forget to enter our PARTICIPANT CODE ###### so we get the benefits from your generous support.  


Step #2: Add a photo to your post by copying one of the images below.


Instructions for copying images: right click on image, click copy & paste into your post