Fundraising incentives that are customized to appeal to your group are a great way to generate interest, encourage student participation and motivate your participants. Historically, results are better when your Participants can earn something for themselves while helping your group reach the overall goal. Some schools have found that when they offered prizes for the first time, their income tripled even accounting for the cost outlay of the prizes.

Benefits of Incentives Offer what motivates your Sellers (by Age)


What will motivate your Parents?

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Offer our FREE Prize Programs!

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Middle School

Lunch with the Principal? Out-of-Uniform Pass?

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High School

Gas Cards? Prom Tickets? Lots of ideas for highschoolers!

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Sports Teams

Tap into that competitive spirit with our Leaderboards!

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Offer something for helping and see your profits increase!

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Checkout Our New Leaderboard!

Everyone who registers to get a Participant Code & Pop-Up Shop for your fundraiser will automatically get positioned on your group’s virtual leaderboard. We will track all online orders placed on your Participant’s behalf in real time! It’s a fun way to see who’s currently the Top Seller! Use this to keep everyone motivated - especially when you offer a great Top Seller award!

• Participants will have access to the Leaderboard through their Seller Dashboard.
• Supporters will see where their Participant’s ranking is on the Leaderboard
• Chairperson can access the Leaderboard details through Reports in their Chairperson login