High School Ideas

Think about what motivates high school students these days.  Whether it’s a Gift Card for Gas, Amazon or even Chipotle, offer something they want.  


Many groups offer “Direct Benefit” fundraisers where all or part of the profit earned will be given to the each Participant based on what they sell.  For example, “Earn $50 for your trip/uniform, etc, for every 10 items sold”.  We have an excellent reporting system that helps you track each Participant’s orders. 


Encourage every student to register and create their very own Pop-Up shop where they can virtually invite friends and family to order to support your fundraiser.  

Our new Leaderboard tracking app will be a perfect accompaniment with those Top Seller prizes. Each of your Participants will hold a position on your very own Leaderboard once they register to create their Participant Code/Pop-Up Shop for your fundraiser.  The Leaderboard will track their online sales in real-time!  This is a great way to track results in conjunction with a Top Seller award!

Our representatives can always assist you with a lot more ideas and creativity with incentive offerings!