How to invite Participants to Register

It's important for everyone in your group to Register as a Participant and create a Pop-Up shop.  You can simply copy & paste the message below and either email or text the message, including the link, to ALL of your Participants and Parents. 

Make sure to type in your group’s Organization ID # below before you copy the message.Everyone will need to type that number in so your group will get the profits of every item ordered.


Hey Everyone, our Joe Corbi fundraiser is starting and it’s time to Register to Create your Pop-Up Shop! 


Before you click a link or fill in information, gather cell phone numbers & email addresses of at least 10 friends and family that you want to tell about the fundraiser. 


After gathering the info, click this link and follow the prompts to create your online Participant Code. Your Organization ID is XXXXX (fill in Org ID)


Register Participant - Joe Corbi's


That’s It!   Let’s have a great fundraiser!