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Introduce your fundraiser timing, your goal, and how they can help.  Make it exciting and don’t forget to offer an incentive to thank them for their efforts.

◯ “Kick-Off” assembly 

◯ Hand out printed Seller materials

◯ Make Daily Announcements

◯ Email a Registration link to everyone


How they can help along with Fundraiser details and deadlines, your goal and what the money is being used for.

◯ Share Parent Letter/Email

◯ Emails & Texts throughout your Event      

◯ Facebook Posts & Other Social Media           

◯ Send home Flyers


Recruit for help with promoting your fundraiser and Delivery Day

◯ Same as above and remember to always include your contact info

Staff Members

Are you a school?  Make sure to get the teachers & staff involved!

◯ School-wide / Company wide emails 

◯ Offer a Teacher Prize for good class results (your Consultant has ideas!)


Share the event details and how they can help.  Make it easy with a link!

◯ Send links through Emails & Texts

◯ Facebook Post     

◯ Bring brochures to work 

Parent Letters:

Parent Letter


Mid-Sale Reminder

Turn-in Day Reminder

Delivery Reminder

How To Section:

Steps to a Successful Fundraiser – This document will assist your group with laying out and taking all the steps to have the most profitable and successful fundraiser.

10 Days of Announcements – Use this document if you are able to make daily voice announcements for your fundraiser.

10 Days of Facebook Posts – Does your group use Facebook to communicate with your sellers? Here are some posts you can use to promote your fundraiser.

10 Days of Emails – Do you have the email addresses of your sellers or your sellers parents? Use these premade emails to help communicate your goal and profit with your sellers.

High School Tips – Fundraising with a high school or high schoolers? Use these tips to get those students motivated